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Morgan Hill Horses in NEED

Just before the 2014 Holidays Dreamor Ranch Founation got a call to take in on an emergency basis horses from a local hoarder case in Morgan Hil, Ca. On Facebook the full story can be seen at MHHIN (Morgan Hill Horses in Need). 38 horses were starved, frightened, abused and forgotten with little or not care. Mares, babies and stallions were all put in together so many of the mares ended up pregnant. Dreamor Ranch took in 4 pregnant mares, a very young and wild filly and a thoroughbred mare who had been sent by Santa Clara County for surgery. This mare had been starving. To date all 6 are doing well. Two have been adopted and 2 of the mares have given birth...we have 2 more to come!. Interested in lending a hand to some horses who did not deserve what they got? Call the ranch to volunteer, or donate money. ALL monies donated at this time go directly to the rescue horses care and feed. Pics coming soon....

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