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4H All Star Project- A Day of Horsey Fun

On Saturday, June 7th, Christina Bless’ 4-H All-Star project took place at Dreamor Ranch in San Juan. An educational horsey fun day was hosted for about 35 students from Calaveras School. There were pony rides, educational posters, a presentation from Mindy Sullivan (the head of the Dreamor Ranch Foundation) about the horse rescue and rehab that the ranch does, and trivia.

At the beginning of the trip, there were kids who hadn’t ever seen a horse, and some who didn’t even know what a horse was! Something awesome that happened that day is that out of all the kids, only two were afraid to ride, but they got on anyway and had a blast! The students all learned about horses, and about 4-H, which has hopefully opened some doors for them to explore other interests they might have. And many of the 4-Hers were able to expand their horse knowledge and leadership skills.

The day literally went off without a hitch as all the wonderful volunteers made sure the day ran like clockwork. And how did they know to classify this event as a success? “When I stood up at the end of the bus ride and asked the kids if they had a good time, I was met with a resounding ‘YES!’ In my opinion, the day could not have gone better, but there was no way it could have happened without all the amazing people who came and helped. We had nine volunteers from the Foundation and nineteen from various San Benito County 4-H clubs. Mrs. White, the principal of Calaveras, was absolutely key in everything from organizing kids to paperwork, and this event would most definitely not happened without her help. Thank you all for your help with this fantastic event.”

~Christina Bless

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