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When Dreamor Ranch accepts a horse into its adoption program, it is a life long commitment for the ranch. While there is an adoption fee charged to the adoptor, it is always much less than the actual market value of each horse. The entire process is done with contracts to ensure that if the horse is ever not wanted, not needed, or cannot be cared for, Dreamor Ranch has the first chance to take the horse back. In this way, no horse is ever lost again and its future is secured.. forever.

Not all horses offered to the ranch are accepted. Horses that are too old to be placed or have a permanently disabling condition are referred to other sanctuaries. 

Before being placed, each horse is rehabilitated (if needed) and put through a rigrous set of tests to ensure they have a people friendly disposition, and if they have any challenges, they can can be addressed correctly for life.

Dreamor Ranch is not a "horse trader". Every horse is placed with a 30 day money back guarantee and/ or 30 days of lessons at Dreamor Ranch to be sure that the horse and their new owner are a good fit.


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