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While visiting a ranch to look at several saddles for sale, a big red mare whinneyed as though we should know her.  While we were not in the market or looking for a horse, we could not walk away from her.  Thin with a dull coat, it turned out this older mare was well trained.  When she came to the ranch, it was love at first sight from Dreamor Student, Amanda.  Not long after, the paperwork was finalized and FLAME got her forever home with the kid of her dreams.  From trails to Gymkhana, this equine "couch" and her kid became best friends.  When she was almost 30 years old, a Gymkhana Judge decided she was too old to run anymore, but Flame refused to let Amanda down, and that year, at the State Championship finals, Amanda and Flame won California State FC High Point Champion -  winning a new saddle.
Flame has passed over the Rainbow Bridge now,  but this mare got to finish her life inside the love of a child.



Named because we HOPED she'd survive, when local Animal Control called us to get her we were in doubt. She had been owned by an illegal rodeo who, because of her gentle nature, decided she had no value except as a teacher to show people how to ride bucking horses. ALL the wounds on her were man made. Because they said she had no value, they had been willing to let her starve almost to death. All it took was love and FOOD and this mare blossomed into a real beauty. Her new family took her home and even won silver buckles on her! No value? HOPE was really the HOPE Diamond...


Dreamor got a call from another rescue organization to come see a young black arabian in need of a home.  Upon arrival, we knew he would be easy to place, but there was another horse running on the neighboring hill that caught our eye.  We were told his name was "Diablo" and that he was not only crazy, he was mean.  I asked them to bring him in and they did after asking me to sign a paper stating if he killed me that they were not liable!  When I walked into the pen with him, what I found was - instead of a mean crazy beast - a really terribly frightened pretty black horse in need of someone to care.  Home he came and, although completely wild at first, within days he was eating carrots fro my hand.  I found out he had been fed massive doses of LSD by his previous owner and was in fact sightly brain damaged.  When stressed, he would have seizures.  Renamed "dancer", Dreamor student Meaghan fell head over heels in love with him, and decided to adopt him.  With the ranch's help she not only taught Dancer to be ridden, to date he has never had another seizure....all because of the love that Meaghan has given to him.

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