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Things to know for your first lesson:


 1. Please be here AT LEAST  a half hour before your lesson so there is plenty of time to get your horse and tack up to be ready AT the time the lesson is scheduled to start.


2. Lessons are to start on time.  If you are late, you are welcome to join as you can, however, understand that we will not wait for you to start.


3. Riders MUST wear long pants and closed toe shoes or boots. 


4. It is expected that everyone here will be friendly and respectful.


5. New riders will be riding bareback (with pad) for the first 2 weeks. This is to promote balance.


6. These are riding lessons and not trail rides. Although we occasionally go outside of the arena for class, most times they will be taught in the arena. 


7. Students are responsible for their horses, all tack, and horse droppings (picked up) to be cleaned up BEFORE they leave.


8. While Mindy is ranch owner and trainer, at Mindy's discretion, there may be student or assistant trainers teaching any class.


9. Beginners are not to take their horses out of the pasture without checking in with the trainer first.


10. Students are to ride the last horse they were assigned.  At NO Time are they to take out a horse they have never ridden without prior permission first.


11. The apartment is OFF LIMITS.  DO not enter an area that is marked KEEP OUT.  There is a flush toilet behind the barn.  You get there by going through the stall to the right of the apartment.


12. Hay barn is off limits to everyone.


13. During lessons, please be respectful of other people’s turn.


14. Listen to your Instructor at all times.


15. At NO Times is anyone to enter the Sullivan's Home without permission.  House is OFF LIMITS.


16. It often gets windy and foggy up on our hill. We recommend that you bring a sweatshirt or jacket. 


17. Most important thing is to work together and have a great time.  Having a great attitude is everything.   If a problem or issue arises, it is NEVER alright to discuss it with anyone but the person that can solve the problem.

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