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Success Stories...

The heart of Dreamor is the horses that we can save. Read some of their stories here..


Late in 2013, a pony was found lying by the side of the road in an industrial/ farming area of Hollister. He was so weak he couldn't even stand on his own. San Benito County Animal Control called Dreamor Ranch who immediately picked him up and called the vet to come out. Upon arrival back at ranch, Captain was able to stand long enough to drink. He was severely dehydrated. Mindy and her helpers fed him limited fresh hay and pellets every two hours  for the first couple of days, so he couldn't make himself sick. The vet checked him over, gave him antibiotics and vitamins and told everyone to wait and see if he would survive the next few days...and and Survive our little Captain did! With plenty of hay, pellets and love, Captain was soon marching in the local Christmas parades and had become a minor celebrity in Hollister. Soon Christmas arrived, and Captain (and Dreamor) received the best gift possible, a new home for Captain! Our fuzzy little guy, who captured the heart of a small town and its Police Chief, went to his new home with the Chief's daughter on Christmas morning. We're told that aside from begging for cookies he likes to listen to stories read to him by his girl.


Ebony, Ivory & Zeus
Ebony, Ivory and Zeus were surrendered to San Benito County Animal Control in July of 2013 because their owner was not able to take care of them.  Starved almost to death, they came to the ranch for rehabilitation.  Zeus was placed almost immediately into a wonderful home in Southern California where he is loved.  Ivory and Ebony were placed locally with 2 families who promised to love them for the rest of their lives.  All it took was food and love and now all 3 are thriving.  Look at the before and after pics!



Koi came to us with a broken ear and was terrified of everyone.  She had been born on a famous local ranch where the "trainer" had twisted her ear to try to control her.  When it actually broke, she was thrown away....and terrified.  It took a full year of bringing her cookies and love to get her to come around, but once we won her trust, there has been no looking back.  Although she is beautiful, it was her honesty in giving anything we asked her to do a real try that won us over.  She has become the main riding horse for Dreamor Owner, Mindy, and they've become close friends and partners in competitions where she has won state championships, parades and scores of silver buckles.  She loves to work cows and will also go on long trail rides...but sometimes they just sit close and talk.....

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